Hook and Ring, Bocce Ball, and Other Backyard Games You Can Play This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the breeze in your backyard with friends and family. Whether a pool party, barbecue, block party, or family gathering, entertaining your guests with fun outdoor games always pumps up the fun. Plus, what occasion is complete without friendly competition?

We’ve rounded up a list of the top 3 backyard games for all ages. Whether you need family-friendly games or one that will give your crew some friendly summer rivalry, trust outdoor games to work the magic.

From bocce ball to hook and ring game, read on to discover great backyard games you can try out this summer.

Summer Games

1. Hook and Ring Game

The hook and ring game (some call it ‘sling-a-ling’) has been a summer game for a long time. It’s a tabletop version of the traditional game ‘ring the bull’ or ‘bimini ring.’  The rules of the game will vary depending on the manufacturer and region. Regardless, the game’s objective is for the player to reach a given number of points and have a lot of fun.

Playing the hook-and-ring game is quite easy. A player is awarded three chances to try and land the ring on the hook. Once the player has exhausted the three turns, it’s the next player’s turn, regardless of the score. In the event of a tie, players are given an even number of rounds, where they play until the next win.

The simplest and most common point system for the hook and ring game is when points are only awarded when the player lands the ring on the hook.

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2. Bocce Ball Game

Like the hook and ring game, bocce ball is fun and easy too! So fun that it has been passed down through centuries. The game was popular in ancient Greece and Rome. Bocce is a lot like lawn bowling, just that there’s only one object this time.

The game involves eight large balls, and a smaller object ball called a Ballina. Each team has four balls, all in a different color, to distinguish them from either team. The game’s objective is to throw the bocce ball closest to the Ballina. A point is awarded to the team that throws the ball closest in each round.

The game starts with a simple toss of a coin to choose which team starts the game. Typically, the first team that reaches 12 points automatically wins the game.

3. Horse Shoe Game

The horseshoe game is a classic summer yard game. The game is also easy. Two players take turns throwing their horseshoes at the stakes in each round. Like the bocce game, the goal is to get the horseshoe closest to the stake or even get it to wrap around the stake. All you need before the game is the following:

  • A horseshoe

  • A metal rod to stake on level ground

  • Two teams

The team that gets their horseshoe closest is awarded a point. If you manage to wrap it around the stake, your team gets three points.

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Elevate Your Summer Fun With Backyard Games

The fact that most summer games have been played for centuries shows how great they are for summer. Backyard games are a great way to bond and create lasting memories. Try out some backyard games this summer; you might get a new family tradition out of it.

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