Friendship is purest form of love; merely a myth or an undeniable fact?

Relationships? Breakups? Ugh…just the trend of our generation which is so unavoidable!

Attraction, the element of love and liking which creates beautiful partners but heartbreaks as hell. So what do you think is the reason behind this merger and dissolution trend?

Let’s analyse what most of the relationships go through…

The Law of Attraction takes place which initiates the conversation and then daily routine talks are conducted. Then we thrive to keep a good image in the eyes of the person so that they will continue liking us. Just to keep the company of the other, to be attracted to each other, we start taking care of each other.

Gradually as the power of interest of the two magnetic partners starts decreasing they reach the top of the slide of breakup. Their coating starts peeling off and the raw side opens up.

Most of the unreal relationships which are based on attraction and hormonal changes, give up easily on each other as they were never really ready to fight with and for each other.

They only felt the pain of separation, pain of losing their company and not the person they were in relationship. This is the puppy love they experience in life which isn’t deep as real, unconditional and passionate love. It depends only on outer appearances and attachments.

Only the REAL ones get ready to stop on the halfway of the slide. They start their journey of walking on fire of fights. The tremendous heat of these fights is the real test of patience and of the strength of bearing the pain.

This is where the slide reaches the end point which is breakup. It’s on them if they want to fall down from the slide on the ground of breakup and bear the pain of losing a loved one. But that needs the strength of both of them to stop themselves from hitting the ground. This, the strength, the persistence and their combined will is a must.

That mark of falling down from the slide of relationship keeps hurting for a long time. The wound is healed up gradually as time lapses. That wound and it’s marks are yours, and so is your beloved. You will keep that mark on your heart forever and will continue to take care of it as after all you own that mark of your beloved and why you can’t continue then, to take care of that mark in the memory of your beloved?! You will care for that mark, the person himself, forever, if you truly felt for that person!

So what is true love then and how without being in a relationship we can still care and love that person….

The raw side which you see of the other, is the side which thrives to be loved. How willing you are to get the rashes of that rusted person shows your strength and love for that person. The deep fears, weaknesses and pain the other person goes through needs the medicine of love. How much willing you are in supporting the other in overcoming their drawbacks is the depth of your love for them.

THIS sacrifice, understanding, support, care and respect doesn’t need any relationship, no gifts and no hang outs, but a deeper friendship.

A true best friend of other gender whom you do love, is what we all need to find. A friend with whom you are totally comfortable, enjoy their company, yet maturely understand them, care for, respect their feelings and privacy and support them.
You will never be fooled in it. You both will be there for each other and help out each other, not out of outerly attraction but out of attraction of the heart. Whenever you will have a conversation with them you will truly enjoy, love and care while letting know what happens in their life!

And this is a true relationship, which is FRIENDSHIP. A raw yet tasty emotion for your heart! Where you fight and love each other equally. Hurt the other and equally get hurt back seeing the pain in their eyes. Though the friend isn’t your whole life partner but your friendship itself is a pure form of LOVE!

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