10 Effective Exercise That Don’t Require Equipment – No More Excuses

If you think fitness is a costly affair and costs you bucks to stay in a good shape and perfect health, then you might not be fully right. Many individuals believe that they can’t get in shape because they don’t have exercise equipment or a gym membership. There are some very expensive contraptions out there that can help you get into shape, but they aren’t necessary.

You don’t have to worry about forking out all that extra cash on a gym membership, or even a home gym. There are other methods you can use to get a well-sculpted body. You no longer need to make excuses or loose motivation, because there are ways you can start working out this very second. If charity can begin from home, then trust me your fitness journey also begins from the same home. All you need to stay focused and determined and not to let anything comes in between your fitness goals. 

10 Exercises You Can Do At Home/Without Any Equipment

1. Interval Training

Aerobic exercises are able to target other areas of your body, not just your heart. It takes the use of many muscle groups to be able to run properly. Interval training allows you to work very hard for short amounts of time. This is a useful alternative to taking a long run. Interval training can consist of light jogging (2-5 minutes), high speed running (1 minute), low speed running (1 minute), and light jogging again (5 minutes). You cycle through these different phases 5-10 times. This method allows you to use varying intensities rather than enduring a 30-minute sustained run.

2. Stair Climbing

stairs climbing

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For this exercise, all you need is yourself and a staircase. You have probably seen movies or commercials that show athletes running stairs or bleachers. This is because stair climbing is an extremely effective method of exercise. All you have to do is run up and down the stairs as many times as you can. You can even skip steps in between to work different muscles. Not only is stair climbing great cardio, it is great for strengthening the muscles in your legs.

3. Push-Ups


It is important to complete a significant number of push-ups in order to see results. If you do 5 push-ups a day, you really aren’t going to make much progress. Begin doing push-ups and see how many you can do before you physically can’t do anymore. Half the number of completed push-ups you did and complete 3 sets of that number the next time you work out. For instance, if you completed 40 push-ups, next time do 3 sets of 20. You can rest in between to help you regain endurance. You will need to increase the number of push-ups you complete as you get stronger.

4. Dips

To complete dips, you need a chair or bench. You will bend your legs and place your palms on the edge of your seat. Your fingers should be pointing forward. Walk your feet out in front of you until the weight of your body is resting on your arms. With your elbows tucked at your sides, lower your body until it is parallel to the floor. Hold this position for one second, then come back up. Complete numerous repetitions to enhance your upper body strength.

5. Curls

Many people love doing curls because they help build the beloved bicep. In order to do curls, you need to lift some type of weight. If you don’t have dumbbells in your home gym equipment, you can use heavy objects around the house. It is important to make sure that the object you choose can be easily grasped. You can focus on one arm at a time, or work them both simultaneously.

6. Planks


A basic plank is a simple exercise that quickly becomes difficult. The longer you can hold a planking position, the better the results. To get in position for a plank, act like you are going to do a push-up, except support your body with your forearms. This exercise is all about engaging your core. You can begin by completing ten, 15-second repetitions. As you become accustomed to this exercise, you should increase the time that you hold the plank.

Planks help you to remove fat from your belly. To reduce belly fat you can also add foods with probiotics or probiotic supplements. Probiotics keeps your gut flora healthy which promotes immune system and digestive system. Probiotics extracts energy by oxidizing fat. Home Remedies for Life has detailed article on how Probiotics Work and suggests Six Affordable Probiotics to Lose Weight

7. Squats

Men will always be there to encourage women to partake in squats. This exercise will help strengthen your lower back, legs, hips, and best of all, your buttocks. You will stand with your legs shoulder-width from each other and slowly lower yourself into a crouching position. It is important to ensure that you keep your back straight during this exercise. You should start this exercise by completing sets of 20.

8. Crunches


Crunches are one of the first exercises kids are introduced to. Most physical education programs have kids doing these in elementary school. They are very simple to execute, but still very effective. You don’t have to worry about getting your head all the way up when you are beginning, just focus on the stretching of your muscles.

9. Jumping Jacks

If you have even a little bit of coordination, you can do jumping jacks. These probably bring back memories of elementary PE classes too! Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise to do when you are just warming up for a workout. They help get your blood pumping and prepared for your upcoming exercises.

10. Dancing

There is nothing wrong with mixing work with pleasure. There are numerous dancing workouts that can positively benefit your health. Dancing is an extremely great method of cardio. You can even take to YouTube to find pre-choreographed dance routines to work out too. The best part about dancing is that it never gets boring. There are so many different ways to mix up a workout. You can even double the fun and partake in dancing workouts with your friends.


Listed above are 10 options to help you work out without equipment. Don’t let the lack of a home gym hinder your exercise endeavours. The great thing about all of these exercises is that they can be completed virtually anywhere. You can work out in your bedroom, living room, or even your backyard.

Having a home gym would obviously be a major plus, but you can still achieve great results without one. There are so many people that don’t have access to expensive equipment that are in good shape. All you need is a little time and a lot of motivation.

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