Disc Multchers 101: The Basics You Must Know

Let’s now move to rotary or disc mulchers. These tend to lose quality and finish in exchange for speed. When clearing out large trees, disc mulchers work well. Although they can grind stumps, disc mulchers are less reliable. This is because disc mulchers grind stumps, so they are level with the ground.

Drum mulchers can grind them lower than disc mulchers. The “cut and feed” method is where disc mulchers shine. This involves pulling in trees or brush and then processing it in seconds. Disc mulchers can also have messy finishes than drum mulchers.

A drum mulcher leaves fewer wood chips behind, but a disc mulcher will leave more wood chunks. These wood chips are distributed more randomly by disc mulchers than by drums.

Disc Multchers 101 The Basics You Must Know

Cost is another key difference between disc mulcher skid steer attachments and drum mulchers. Disc mulchers are generally more affordable than drum mulchers.

Key differences in disc mulcher vs. Drum-mulcher contest

After we have covered the basics of disc and drum mulchers, let’s get into the details of the differences to help you choose the right skid steer attachment.

Let’s look at the main considerations and which mulcher is best for you.


While disc mulchers lack some key features that forest professionals need to consider to do their job efficiently, they are fast in one area. Disc mulchers are efficient and won’t slow you down in the field.

This is partly due to the size and weight of the Bobcat mulcher attachments that keep it moving when mulching trees.

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Stump Grinding

Although drum mulchers don’t work at the same speed as disc mulchers, they excel in two key performance areas. We’ll be discussing stump grinding. The other is finished. We’ll talk about it in the next section. A drum mulcher can grind stumps several inches below the grade. This means that it can remove large stumps as well as roots.

This is a big advantage over disc mulchers which can only grind stumps to grade. The best part about grinding the stump below grade is that it will result in topsoil. This makes future planting much easier.


Do you want a mulch made of large chunks or fine wood chips? A drum mulching attachment will help you achieve this if you have chosen the latter.

If you are involved in mulch resale, drum mulchers can produce a finer finish. A disc mulcher can achieve a finer finish, but it can take several passes, reducing productivity.

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Both disc and drum mulchers are equally useful in the forest industry. It’s easy to see why a drum mulcher is the best all-around tool for forestry.

It can do a wide range of tasks, such as stump grinding and mulching, and it does them well. It’s safer to use and can produce finer mulch pieces that can be resold.

Although disc mulchers can be faster and cheaper, they are best used for clearing forested areas. They also lack a finished product and have better stump grinding capabilities.

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