Different Types of Recliners

Recliners are that piece of furniture almost everyone wants in their homes. They are so comfortable to sit in, or recline in, and watch television in your family room. They come in a variety of styles and coverings so that they can fit the décor of almost any home. You are surely to find one that fits your style and your comfort level.

There are many different types of recliners, as said above, and this article will go into a few of those types. One of those types of recliners is a swivel recliner that can help you switch from a television view to a conversation view without having to move the recliner.

There are many more that can make you comfortable in almost any room in your home. 

You can do some research and find the type of recliner that best fits your comfort and style. You can find them at almost any furniture store that carries quality furniture.

You can also find some online, although it is recommended that you go to a physical store so that you can see if it is the right fit for you. 

Different Types of Recliners

This article will help you to decide which type of recliner is best for you. It lists the most common recliners and some that might not be so common for you. You should be able to find one on this list that will fit you, or at least give you an idea for one that will.

1. Lay-Flat Recliner

Just as it says, this type of recliner will go from a sit up position to a full recline that allows you to lie completely flat. This recliner will be good for you to take your afternoon nap as you fall asleep to the big game on television.

It will help you to get a relaxing nap that will refresh you for the end of the game.

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2. Rocker Recliner

A rocker recliner is perfect for the new mother who needs to rock that new baby to sleep. It is also good for people in general who have trouble sleeping and can rock them gently to sleep.

This type of recliner would be nice for anyone that just likes to rock as they read or watch television. 

3. Glider Recliners


Similar to the rocker, the glider recliner will glide smoothly rather than rock. This gives a smoother motion and might even be better at getting those new babies to sleep. This is the perfect recliner for almost anyone. 

4. Power Recliners

Power recliners are just like most recliners, except that they have a power button to recline instead of a manual lever. These offer the ultimate in comfort and ease for the most discerning customers.

They are good for everyone that wants the ease of the power recliner. You can look here to find out more about power chairs that help with disabilities. This site will help you to decide if this type of chair is the one for you. 

5. Lift Recliners

This type of chair gives those that need it an extra lift to aid in getting out of the chair. This is great for individuals with disabilities that cannot get out of the chair on their own.

It allows for a level of independence that can make a person with disabilities feel better.

6. Push-Back Recliners

This type of chair is one that has no levers, instead you must use the power of your own body to push the chair back to recline. This definitely takes a little more effort and you need to make sure that you have that power to recline the chair. If you do not want that extra effort, this chair might not be for you. 

7. Swivel Recliners

This type of chair has a circular base that allows it to swivel in nearly a full circle, sometimes even a full circle. This will allow you to watch television one moment, then swivel to have a conversation in a different direction a moment later.

This type of chair might be good for areas that are smaller allowing you to use it in more than one spot. 

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8. Wall Hugger Recliners

This type of chair has a more limited range of motion than others and it saves space because it only requires about four to six inches of clearance space to recline. These are good for homes that have more limited space.

They do not recline as much as other chairs, but they are easier to get up from to make up for that. 

These are just a few of the different types of recliners that you can have for the ultimate in comfort for you and your family. There is one that will fit just about every type of home, style, and comfort level.

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