Benefits Of An Artificial Turf Soccer Field

Having a synthetic turf field is not as difficult as you might think! Artificial turf fields were commonly complained about by athletes in the past. It was plastic that was manufactured to look like grass before the improvements were made to the turf.

Players’ arms, legs, or any other exposed body parts would get turf burn on the turf due to its rough surface. While practicing or playing soccer, an athlete could suffer knee and ankle injuries if not wearing the proper equipment. 

Recently, turf has improved so much that it has become preferred over genuine grass fields.

Artificial Turf Soccer Field

Soccer Field: Longevity

It is recommended that turf fields be installed at least 5 years in advance so that they will last for a long time. When teams play on grass fields, maintenance and presentation of the fields must be taken. 

As a result of all the play, practices, weather, and equipment used on this field, it will last approximately one to two years if taken care of properly. Turf fields require less effort and time to maintain than grass fields.

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Change in Climate

When it is freezing outside, it’s difficult to make landing on a grass field more comfortable and softer. Additionally, cold weather will prevent grass from growing properly on a grass field.

The grass will become brittle and weak as it gets colder if it does remain on the field. When an athlete is tackled, landing on a turf field is easier on their body.

Saves Resources

It takes fertilizer and regular watering to maintain a grass field’s appearance for televised games. Your overall budget will be affected by this and the environment will be negatively affected. If the grass field were maintained for free, then the team would be able to use that money to buy other supplies.

Decreases the Injury Rate

It’s true that artificial turf for soccer fields have been improved in recent years, reducing the likelihood of players sustaining injuries. It was found in a study published by the American Journal of Sports Medicine that artificial turf was associated with 15.2% of injuries per 10 games, compared with grass which was responsible for 13.8%.

As a result of artificial turf, injuries decreased significantly. Furthermore, the study found that players injured on grass fields are more likely to sit out for an extended period of time than those injured on artificial turf fields.

Versatility and Preparation

It is possible to use artificial turf fields repeatedly. The recovery period for turf fields is shorter than that for grass fields after they have been used. The operation of a tournament will be slowed down if you use a grass field. If you plan to use your field often, artificial turf is the best option.

soccer field

You Don’t Have to Wait for it to Grow

For a grass field to be maintained, supplies and money are needed. Additionally, you have to consider when bugs destroy the grass, which in turn destroys the field. The grass must grow after new fertilizer is applied.

The time you spend on this may not be worth it. As opposed to natural turf, artificial turf is already “grown” when you lay it down.

Better for the Environment

I want to reduce my carbon footprint. Let me take a moment to explain. Your team would be better off with an artificial field if this is the case. Synthetic fields reduce environmental pollution, eliminate pesticides, and conserve water.

Smart Use of Space

You can maximize your space by installing an artificial turf field. Natural grass fields may need rest periods, limiting the amount of space available to you and other teams. Several teams can use artificial turf simultaneously if needed.

Return on Your Initial Investment

A synthetic field pays for itself within three to five years. Consider the cost of installing and maintaining a natural grass field versus one that is artificial. Synthetic fields cost less to install, replace, and maintain over the next 20 years than natural fields.

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Install the Artificial Turf

Artificial turf fields are superior to natural grass fields for all the reasons we’ve mentioned. Your players will also sustain fewer injuries when playing on it, which will save you time, money, and resources.

It has been a long time since artificial turf fields were used for soccer games. Future fields will be chosen on the field. Stick to a grass field and don’t get left behind. Invest in artificial turf today instead of natural grass.

Choosing to have a turf field can be a great way to allow your soccer player or team to get the most out of their practices and games. Not only do they look better, they are also easier to maintain and will last for many years.

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