15 Types Of Nursing Career Paths & Salaries

Nursing is one of the most respectable healthcare professions. Every year a majority of medical students pursue nursing as their long-term career path.

15 Types Of Nursing Career Paths Salaries

If you are also willing to pursue your career in this field, this article will help you know which is the right career path for you. You can even get your degree from an accredited RN to BSN online program to include all the courses you need to graduate with your BSN. 

Nursing Career Paths 

Though there are more than 30 different career paths in nursing, we have listed fifteen of them along with the average salary that an individual can earn in every field. 

1. Dialysis Nurse

These nurses deal with patients suffering from severe kidney problems that sometimes even require dialysis. The average income per year is around seventy-four thousand dollars. 

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2. Nurse Midwife

These nurses help deliver babies and take responsibility for providing the best care to the mother and baby throughout and even after the delivery. Their per year income is around ninety-eight thousand dollars.  

3. Legal Consultant 

These nurses are associated with medical lawsuits and earn around seventy-eight thousand dollars per year. 

4. Nurse Case Manager

The job of a nurse case manager is to monitor the progress of patients and evaluate them. The average salary is somewhere around seventy-four thousand dollars per year. 

5. Nurse Educator 

The per year salary is approximately seventy-eight thousand dollars per year, and these nurses are associated with the education sector. 

6. Nurse Practitioner

Works collaboratively with the doctors and earns around ninety-eight thousand dollars per year. 

7. Nurse Researcher

The job is to research and create reports. The reported salary of nurse researchers is nearly seventy-two thousand dollars per year. 

8. Travel Nurse

A travel nurse earns around eighty thousand dollars per year. These nurses offer their services to hospitals and other health care units for a short period of time, and then they reach out to any other hospital that is in need. 

9. Critical Care Nurse

With an average salary of seventy thousand dollars per year, these nurses serve in the critical care unit, CCU, and help the patients to heal by providing g the best possible care. 

10. Health Policy Nurse

The job of the health policy nurse is to take care of the patients on a social and personal level by providing knowledge and creating awareness within them. They earn approximately sixty-four thousand dollars per year. 

11. Surgical Nurse 

The surgical nurses usually assist the surgeons during surgeries in the operation theatre. They earn nearly sixty thousand dollars per year. 

12. Psychiatric Nurse

The psychiatric nurses work in the mental health care department. They tend to help in the treatment of clients who are suffering from mental illnesses and depression. They earn around sixty-seven thousand dollars per month. 

13. Trauma Nurse

A trauma nurse usually works in the emergency care ward. They take care of the patients who need extra care as they are dealing with trauma or severe nervous breakdown. The average salary is sixty-eight thousand dollars per year. 

14. Orthopedic Nurse

Orthopedic nurses care for patients suffering from arthritis or other bone replacement surgeries. The average salary per year is sixty-seven thousand dollars per year. 

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15. Clinical Nurse 

A clinical nurse helps in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the clinic. The expected salary of a clinical nurse is around ninety-two dollars per year.

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All of the above-mentioned career paths are great in their own way. You must first reflect upon yourself and identify your area of interest and then make a choice.

Salary increases with time, but one thing that keeps you motivated and loyal to your profession is your interest in that particular field. Therefore, you must keep your happiness and interest above the salary that you will receive so that you can work with peace of mind. 

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