How to Live in Harmony With the Planet?

Humans are now living in state of climate emergency because the way in which we currently engage with planet Earth is unsustainable and damaging. So, if we wish to continue thriving on this planet, we must make changes to live in harmony with it.

Live in Harmony With the Planet

If this is what you want and intend to do, then you have come to the right place. Continue to read in order to learn how to live in harmony with the world.

Show respect

To show respect to the planet, you must engage with it in a careful and considered manner. Rather than assuming the world is there to do with as you want, only take what you need.

The next time you go to the grocery store think about how you can consider the planet – perhaps choose to purchase less (or no) meat, or cuts that aren’t as popular and are therefore wasted. With fruit and vegetables too, try purchasing locally sourced products and when used compost the cores and peelings. 

If you want a fantastic garden, consider insect friendly plants and avoid large lawns (or try a moss lawn). Use products which are safe for wildlife and that won’t put harsh chemicals into the water supply. Accept that your garden might not be perfect all year round, but instead it is helping the world around you. 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

You’ve probably heard of the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle before. In many modern and western societies, it became commonplace to use items once and then throw them away once they have fulfilled their purpose.

However, this is a very wasteful and destructive way to engage with the planet. It takes water and energy (as well as raw materials) to make a product and to dispose of it quickly once it has reached the consumer is wasting all of that.

Reduce how much you consume (buy) by changing your habits (for instance use cloth towels instead of disposable paper ones), this will reduce the amount that is produced in the first place. 

Simply because of certain product was designed for a certain use, does not mean it cannot be used for other functions. For example, can you reuse food packaging as storage containers or plant pots? If you have any old tee shirts or too many to wear, you could turn them into cloth scraps for cleaning or donate them to charity.

Alternatively, if they have a sentimental value, then why not look into making blankets made from clothes. These can be great personalized gifts or ways to turn memories into a useful object. 

Recycle whenever you can so that the raw materials used to produce something can be recaptured as much as possible. Some materials (like aluminum) can be recycled repeatedly and be turned into new products over and over.

Others (such as types of plastic) can only be recycled a set number of times before the material is not useful or has reached the end of its life. By delaying its entry into landfill, you are still helping the environment, but it is important to try to reduce your consumption as well and not see recycling as the ultimate solution.

Remember to try to purchase items made from recycled goods as well to ensure that the economics of recycling are worthwhile to big businesses – that is the only way industry change will be made.

Use less energy 

One of the principle causes and triggers for climate change is unsustainable energy usage. Where does your energy come from? The chances are that it comes from fossil fuels. While fossil fuels (such as coal) are a great source of energy, they are also non-renewable and release an excessive number of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

That is why if you want to live in better harmony with the planet, you must use less energy or use renewable energy sources. So it is important to become more conscious of the energy choices and decisions that you make on a day-to-day basis.

Simple decisions such as turning off the light when you are not using the room, making sure that the refrigerator door is always closed, meal planning to make full use of the oven and turning off your TV and appliances at the wall when you don’t need them, can make the world of difference.

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While they may seem like small and insignificant actions, as you change your habits, each time these will lead to a positive effect as well as decreasing your bills.

If you are able to, vote with your money and choose providers that promise to provide at least some of your energy from renewable sources. Look into renewable energy you can have at home too, such as heat pumps and solar panels – these are expensive, but you may be able to find grants to help. 

It is important to know that simply by being more considerate and mindful of the choices we make, it is possible to make constant improvements and live in harmony with nature.

One person may not be able to make much of a difference, but small changes all add up and if enough people start to change, then businesses will start to pay attention and change their practices too – which will have a bigger impact again. 

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