How to Install Artificial Grass on your Own?

If you are renovating your garden then you are probably considering different ways to go about it, maybe you want to add decking or stone slabs, or perhaps you want to tear up your entire lawn and add artificial grass.

The next question is are you going to install it yourself? Or will you get artificial grass installers to do it for you? Well, you could go for the easy option but if you enjoy gardening or decorating then maybe it is worth doing it yourself.

How to Install Artificial Grass on your Own

How do I install artificial grass you might ask? Well with help from us we can show you step by step how to do it and everything that you might need. Here is our guide to installing artificial grass.

What will you need

You will need all of the following:

  • Turf Cutter
  • Shovel
  • Stanley Knife
  • Joining Tape
  • Joining Adhesive
  • Tape Measure
  • Planks for Compacting
  • Ground Pins/Galvanised Nails
  • Hammer
  • Broom/Stiff Brush
  • Gloves

Step One – Plan and Clear the Area

The first thing you will need to do before you start your project is to plan out the area to be covered, and ensure that any cables and water pipes will be below where you plan to dig.

Remove the turf to a depth of 2 inches using a spade, and remove any stones, bricks, or anything that might get in the way. After that, you will want to lay down a type 1 stone base.

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Step Two – Create and Edge

If there are no perimeters for the product to knock into, install an edging system, try using some sort of garden edging, and knock the edging into the soul with your hammer and wood. You will need around 3cm exposed.

Step Three – Lay the Base

You will need to apply approximately 6mm of granite dust or something similar. Try using a piece of timber to drag the sand or dust across the area to provide a smooth surface.

If you use sand, the depth must not be more than 20mm. You will need to level out any big imperfections before you apply the sand.

Step Four – Apply Weed Membrane

Once the main base is set in place and steady, apply your weed membrane and secure it in place with a 4-inch steel nail every 0.75m around the area.

This will stop any weeds from growing while also letting water drain, Trim off any extra membrane from the edges.

If you need to join anything, make sure to overlap the edges and attach them with very strong tape.

Step Five – Lay the Artificial Grass and Trim Edges

If you haven’t already you will need to unroll the turf over the area that you have prepared, but be very careful not to move any of the weed membranes.

It will look best if you have the piles looking towards the house. Once you have put it into place, trim any extra artificial grass. The edging system will make it easier to run a knife around.

Be sure to change knives every three to five meters to ensure sharpness.

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Step Six – Finishing Touches

Once you have done all that you will want to add finishing touches by applying kiln sand to the turf. You can do this by using a blower and stuffed brush.

You will want to use about six to eight kilograms of sand per square meter.

This is an important step to make sure that it looks natural. For the best look, you should brush the pile before, during, and after. For the best look do this on a dry day and the same day as the lawn installation.

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