5 Valuable Principles of Good Parenting You Must Read

Many parents are usually successful in raising their kids well. However, what they lag in is the development of a healthy and open relationship between them and their kids. When the kids grow up, the parent-child distance expands further.

In order to develop a healthy bond with your child and to instill the right values in them, you need a set of principles to follow. Are you wondering where to find such principles? Fret not! You have landed on the right post. Here are the 7 basic yet significant principles of good parenting that you must read:

Be an Active Listener

Do not only hear the kid and say that it will be okay. But sit with them and make them feel that you are there to listen. There are times when your child will be confused about a certain matter. Just help them take the decision on their own and do not start with your parental speech.

Do not Impose Your Decisions

Parents can often be exaggeratedly controlling for their kids. They get used to directing their child what they should and should not do. Doing so may be satisfying for the parent but it greatly reduces the self-esteem of the child.

The children slowly lose the confidence in themselves to take decisions on their own. Therefore, it is important that you give the decision-making authority to your child at times too. Let him make mistakes as long as the security is not compromised.

Keep Your Promises

Do not be very in making a promise to your child and if you do, make sure you keep it. By keeping your promises, you teach your child to do the same. Also, the trust builds up better when you keep your word.  If you promise to do something for your child, he/she remembers it. And if you don’t keep it, he/she will remember that too and will stop trusting you.

This way the child stops taking your words seriously as well. Even if your promise is a little as taking your child for an ice-cream or getting them an indoor trampoline, never leave it unfulfilled.

Be Their Role Model

Parents often direct a child to do something that they don’t do themselves. And then they wonder why the child is not listening to them. For a child, the parents are like the ultimate role model. The child looks up to them in every phase of life till they grow up.

Parents can put a great influence on their kids by only adopting the habits that they want to develop in their kids. If you want your child to eat veggies, you start eating them first. If you want your child to learn honesty, make sure you never lie even as a joke in front of them.

Be Patient with Your Little One

Keep in mind that you are no less than a teacher to your child. And being a teacher takes a lot of patience. The child will not always behave as you want. Understand the behavioral pattern of your child and try to figure out the reason of the change in his behavior.

While you do this analysis, be extremely patient with your little one. Losing your temperament is possible but you need to learn to control it and deal with the situation in a better way.


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