5 FAQs People Have About Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a noninvasive procedure that uses controlled cooling to target fat cells underneath the skin. The treatment has become increasingly popular because it is effective, affordable, and painless. It has even proven to be highly effective at reducing stubborn areas of fat.

In addition, it is safe and well tolerated. The treatment doesn’t require anesthesia and takes only about 30 minutes. Coolsculpting is also called cryolipolysis and was approved by the FDA in 2010. This treatment idea came to being after scientists studied what frostbite does to fat.

They found that fat freezes at a higher temperature, leading to this treatment device that cools your fat to a temperature where it is destroyed and leaves other tissue and skin unharmed. Here are five frequently asked questions about cool sculpting, or you can learn more at Sculpt Spa.


1. What is the Coolsculpting Procedure?

Coolsculpting does not require any surgeries or the use of needles. Instead, the cryolipolysis device holds the stubborn fat area between two paddles that cool quickly and are left in place for about 30 to 75 minutes. During this time, between 20 and 25% of the fat in the target area is destroyed.

However, the result may not be quite visible, but you can notice some changes in a few weeks. In cool sculpting, your immune system works to clear the dead fat cells gradually with time.

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2. Who is Coolsculpting For?

Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure. If you want to lose weight, your doctor can recommend a diet change and exercise. However, if you have been following the diet and haven’t been able to remove specific fat bulges, your doctor may recommend cool sculpting.

If you have poor skin tone, loose skin, cryoglobulinemia, abnormal blood proteins thicken in cold temperatures, anemia that damages your red blood cells in cold temperatures, or a skin condition causing hives on your skin when it’s cold, you should avoid cool sculpting.

In addition, if you are pregnant, can’t handle cold temperatures well, or are obese, avoid cool sculpting. Finally, the procedure should not be done where the Coole is lesions, rashes, nerve problems, or varicose veins. However, a doctor can use cool sculpting to kill fat cells under the jawline and chin, on the upper arm, under the butt, on the belly, thighs, back, and sides, and under the butt.

3. What are the Risks of Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting can be done at your doctor’s office and doesn’t require scheduling recovery time. After the procedure, you can comfortably drive yourself home. However, the procedure has some side effects.

For instance, you may experience a tugging or pulling feeling and intense cold on your skin during the treatment. After the process, you may experience some soreness as you feel after exercising, and it may swell a little. However, in rare cases, cool sculpting can cause mild or slight nerve pain.

In other cases, your skin may appear less smooth. However, about 1% of cool sculpting patients get a complication called paradoxical fat hyperplasia. This complication causes the fat cells in the treatment target area to increase instead of decrease. As a result, it causes a firm, large, and painless mass under the treatment area’s skin. In addition, it causes a noticeable change in body weight.

This complication normally occurs two to three months after cool sculpting. Its occurrence likelihood increases if you are male, of Hispanic descent, the procedure was on your belly region, and a large handpiece was used. In addition, other genetic factors can cause paradoxical fat hyperplasia.

Experts are not convinced that this complication can go away on its own. So, they recommend liposuction and tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, where extra skin and fat are removed from your stomach. However, you should wait a few months after paradoxical fat hyperplasia occurs to get liposuction.

4. How Effective is Coolsculpting?

According to studies, cool sculpting is effective and safe with few rare risks and no liver damage. Moreover, its side effects are often mild and disappear after a short period. Regarding its intended purpose, cool sculpting lessens the fat in target areas by 10 to 25%.

5. How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure, meaning your insurance will not cover it. However, how much you will pay will depend on the target area, the required sessions, your doctor, and your location. Smaller areas will cost less than larger areas, multiple sessions increase the costs, and your doctor may be charging way less or more than other doctors depending on experience and location. So, consult your doctor to determine how much the procedure will cost.

For instance, cool sculpting your arms can take a single session per arm, and every session would cost less than cool sculpting a larger area, like the abdominal region. However, a personalized plan can cost between $2000 and $4000.

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Coolsculpting is an effective procedure to remove stubborn fat areas that have been a challenge to you. However, before engaging, consult with your doctor to ensure you qualify for the procedure and have an estimate of the costs you will incur.

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