Do Massage Guns Help With Post Workout Stress?

These days people are working out to maintain both their mental and physical health.

It is general information that exercising frequently reduces the risk of premature death by 30%, lowers the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke up to 35%, and reduces the chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 50%.

However, working out can be quite strenuous on your body. Many people tend to get muscle soreness post-workout, and sometimes this occurs days after exercising.

Do Massage Guns Help With Post Workout Stress

In order to ensure that this does not hinder your workout regimen, a great solution is to use a massage gun to relieve your pent-up muscle stress.

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a small, handheld device that resembles and sounds like a power drill. This type of muscle vibration gun is usually wireless, as most of them use a rechargeable battery. It comes with multiple replaceable attachments each specifically designed for easier and more efficient muscle relaxation.

These attachments vibrate at a high frequency with a low intensity of movement when the gun is put on your muscles and switched on. This in turn promotes exercise recovery and overall performance while reducing any muscle discomfort you may have been experiencing previously.

A typical massage gun works by pushing extracellular fluids like lymph fluid and venous blood out of muscle tissue and into the circulatory system as the gun aims to relieve inflammation. It can relieve muscular tension, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and reduce muscle discomfort.

According to Leada Malek, a San Francisco-based sports physical therapist who is board-certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists;

“You can use a massage gun whenever you’re looking to relieve some muscle tension, but it may be especially beneficial to use after a workout to promote recovery with reduced muscle soreness.”

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How To Use A Massage Gun To Relieve Post Workout Stress?

There are two types of post-workout muscle stress; acute muscle soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness. Both kinds can prove to be quite painful and disarming especially if you are not used to pushing yourself in your workouts or if you are working out for the first time.

It is not uncommon to experience both kinds of soreness post-workout simultaneously.

Acute Muscle Soreness:

This type of muscle soreness is experienced immediately after exercise. It is commonly described as a burning pain. An accumulation of metabolites in the muscle during high-intensity exercise causes it. This form of muscular ache goes away after some time.

It can be more effectively resolved by using the best massage gun available in the market that ensures that you get the best quality of massage therapy possible.

The popularity of massage guns is at an all-time high. Celebrities, professional athletes, and fitness influencers alike sing the praises of the quality.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness:

This is the stiffness and soreness you get the day after your workout. During exercise, microscopic rips in your muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissues cause this condition.

This generally occurs when you utilize your muscles in an unfamiliar way, such as when you begin a new exercise program, vary your exercise regimen, or increase the time or intensity of your normal workout activity.

There has been some evidence suggesting vibration therapy reduces delayed onset muscle pain in a way similar to actual physical massage therapy.

Method For Use Of Massage Gun:

As these massage machine guns are so high in demand, they have been designed for ease of use. In order to effectively utilize the gun, start by moving it over the muscle that feels tense.

Increase the amount of pressure as tolerable, but not excessively. Most guns have a pressure-increasing button or switch in-built. Stay still for up to 15 seconds or sweep a large area for two minutes. Some guns even have a monitor that connects to an app and tells you how hard and how long you should go.

Keep a safe distance from accentuated bone areas. Also, consult a physical therapist before using it on an injury. Also avoid aggravating an area of severe pain or damage, by not going directly over it with the gun. You’ve pressed too hard or for too long if you feel sorer after utilizing a massage gun.

Make sure to consult your doctor before using a massage gun if you are pregnant, have nerve sensitivity, or have deep vein thrombosis. Also, if you’re prone to bruises, be sure the pace and attachment are appropriate for you.

Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun Post Workout:

Aside from the already established benefits of massage guns used for deep muscle massage, there are also a number of other benefits that are mentioned below:

  • Allows for speedier healing and enhanced flexibility by rejuvenation of atrophied muscles.
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation are improved, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles.
  • Increases mobility by stimulating nerve receptors, which produce skin and muscle vasodilation.
  • Reduces the likelihood of strains and sprains by making joints more flexible.
  • Lactic acid buildup in the body is released, which is typically the result of strenuous activity.
  • Overall health is improved.
  • Releases tension and fluid deep in the muscles to enhance tissue metabolism, relieving stress and relaxing the body.
  • It can be used to ease pain and restriction as it breaks up scar tissue by massaging collagen strands thoroughly.
  • Using a gun on a regular basis can help with sleep, immunity, and anxiety.

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When it comes to recovering following a workout or a race, the human body frequently requires assistance. Rest helps your body reenergize so you can give it your best in your next workout.

However, sometimes your body needs something a little more than just rest. Using a range of tactics to assist your muscles to mend is the greatest post-workout recovery strategy. This is where a massage gun shines the brightest.

All you need to do to ensure muscle stress recovery is to go to town on your sore muscles with a muscle gun and voila. Your muscles are not only pain-free but also more flexible with an improved circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid. 

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