Multiple Causes For Crooked Teeth

We all admire a perfect smile, but not all of us had the pleasure of developing a lovely straight row of pearly whites. Perfect teeth are ideal, but many people have had their teeth come in crooked or spaced. If the appearance of your teeth bothers you, it is possible to get them corrected through various techniques.

Multiple Causes For Crooked Teeth

There are many reasons that teeth end up being out of alignment. It is believed now that most children these days have some degree of crooked teeth. Here are some of the causes.

Crooked From The Start:

Both baby and adult teeth can come in crooked or out of position. This doesn’t’ mean that they will stay that way. Teeth do have the ability to shift position. In the condition of shark teeth, which occurs when the adult teeth develop before the baby teeth have fallen out.

The new tooth might emerge through the gums at a point below the baby tooth at an odd angle, but once the baby tooth is gone, the adult tooth usually travels up to the correct position.

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Jaw Space:

The main problem for a crooked baby or adult teeth is the amount of room available on the jaw. If the jaw is small the teeth might be too crowded, forcing some teeth to move out of line or to twist to accommodate all the teeth. Another issue related to this is missing teeth.

When there is a tooth missing, it affects the positioning of other teeth. Most of these conditions can be corrected with the use of braces, surgery, or implants. Sydney dental implants, for example, are performed by qualified and experienced dentists. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands.


A person’s diet can influence how teeth develop as well. Humans are designed to eat whole foods that are found in nature. Most of these foods, in their natural state, are tough and require rigorous chewing and grinding.

This creates constant forcing of the teeth outward and promotes uniform tooth profiles, as the taller teeth are ground down sooner.

Modern diets include many soft and processed foods that require very little bite force to consume. The result is often the inadequate spreading of teeth along the jawline, and wavy crooked patterns develop.

Photographs of people from primitive or developing countries show mostly wide straight smiles, whereas in developed nations crooked teeth are common.

Behavioral Causes:

There are several behaviors that can cause problems with oral development. Nasal blockage, improper tongue positioning, improper swallowing, thumb sucking, and pacifiers can all contribute to alignment issues. Fear of the dentist is something to monitor in your children, which can affect oral health.

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Crooked teeth may also be caused by genetic traits. Usually, this shows up in terms of jaw size, but it is possible to inherit mismatched jaws, causing overbites and crossbites, or simply a tendency towards crooked teeth.

Whatever the reason someone might be suffering from crooked teeth, there are excellent solutions available. Modern dental techniques can improve and quite often correct most kinds of dental alignment issues. These days there are many options available to your orthodontist, including braces and clear polyurethane aligners.

In some cases, orthodontic surgery is the best option. The journey to a beautiful smile begins with a consultation with a dental professional.

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