Cappuccino vs Latte – The Bucket List of Differences in These Coffee Types

In the world, there are two types of people in so many ways – the believers and the non-believers, the rightists and the leftists, the cappuccino and the latte’ lovers. They are coffee lovers no doubt and rest assured they understand and empathize each other as well as the proletariat and the haves.

Cappuccino vs Latte

What is a Cappuccino?

It is first a coffee, of course. It is an Italian espresso prepared with a lot of milk. Cappuccino gets its name from monks. It is generally topped with foam. It may be served hot or cold. The serve is typically smaller – up to 180 ml at the most. That’s what a classic Cap is. In the United States and some other countries, Cappuccino may be flavored. The popular flavorings are cocoa or cinnamon. If you are in love with Cappuccino, then you should consider checking out this guide around choosing the best Keurig coffee maker for your home.

Know thy Latte

As the name suggests, Latte shares its birthplace with the cappuccino. Just like the cappuccino, it is made from coffee. But Latte’ is generally served in tall glasses of the capacity of up to 300 ml. A latte’ contains more milk than the cappuccino and that is the main difference. It is more milky and sweet than a Cappuccino.

The Proportion of Milk

The Cappuccino typically is made up of 1/3rd espresso, 2/3rd milk and whereas the Latte’ is a blend of 1/6 espresso and milk. Latte’ can be had as a dessert as the high milk contain dilutes the coffee effect.

Café Art

The latte art is increasingly getting popular with even 3D art introduced now. The good old cap has not yielded itself to any such frills.

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The ideal time for Coffee

Latte’ is quite popular as a breakfast coffee as the espresso gives an energy boost and the high milk content makes it ideal for a breakfast drink.  The cappuccino is also a breakfast drink. But it is not something you have after meals as a dessert. If you don’t know yet, there are more than 11 popular types of coffee in this world.

Where are they more popular?

The latte’ is very popular in many states in the US as well as quite a few European and Scandinavian countries.  The Cappuccino is also not far behind. Even in the UK Latte’ is the drink of choice of more people than Cappuccino.

Can you make your coffee at home?

Many coffee lovers would like to make their coffee at home. It may not be practical to go to a coffee shop every time you feel like having a shot. Thankfully both can be made at home and the advantage is, you can tweak it your way.

Personality Speaks

The coffee you like tells a lot about your personality. Research shows that cappuccino lovers are more obsessive, perfectionists and control freaks whereas Latte’ drinkers are eager to please others and seek comfort.

The Caffeine Content

Very obviously, the caffeine content for similar-sized servings of both is not the same. The cappuccino contains lesser milk and hence greater espresso. When you are in need of a good adrenaline boost cappuccino is what you should reach out for.

Dietician Speak

As far as health concerns are there, cappuccino and latte’ practically are on level ground. The cappuccino had a little fewer calories as it has lesser milk and the latte’ has a little more calcium as it has a little more milk! Using skimmed milk or alternatives like almond milk can make them a little more healthy.

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The Perfect Bean

Traditionally dark roasted and finely ground beans are used for a cappuccino while for a Latte, you can safely use most varieties of beans.

All said and done, if you are one of those people who go “With enough coffee, I can dress and use my grown-up manners”, then you will lovingly have your fill of cappuccino or latte’ – as long as you get your cup.

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