Best Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving

Prevention is always better than fixing your problems later. Getting drunk and driving can be a serious traffic violation in New Jersey, and you will get various types of penalties when you commit this traffic violation.

You can always contact a DUI lawyer when you get into trouble because of drunk driving. However, to avoid any complicated legal problems later, you need to know how to avoid drunk driving before you do it.

Best Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving

Here are the best ways to avoid drunk driving, so that you can avoid getting pulled over on the road:

1. Ask Someone Else to Drive for You

The easiest thing to do to avoid drunk driving is to ask someone else to drive for you when you think you are too drunk to drive. Another option would be to call a cab or use the UBER service to drive you home. You are risking too much if you force yourself to drink while you get drunk.

The police might pull your car over while you drive drunk, and they might check your alcohol consumption level to determine the penalties for your drunk driving behaviors. Besides, you are putting yourself and others in danger by doing so.

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2. Don’t Drink Too Much when You are Outside

Let’s say your friend is inviting you to a party, and you need to attend their party at night. It’s best for you not to drink too much when you attend the party, as you might get drunk while doing so.

To make things simpler, it’s best for you to have a heavy drink only when you are at home or when you stay at a hotel.

You need to avoid drinking too much or drinking at all when you are in a place that requires you to drive to get there. It’s always best to keep yourself sober when you are outside.

3. It’s Best for You to Stay at a Hotel When You Plan to Have a Heavy Drinking

Most bars and clubs will have hotels all around them. So, it’s best for you to stay at a hotel if you plan to have heavy drinking, either by yourself or with your friends.

It is very dangerous when you drive after having a heavy drinker, so it’s best for you to book at a nearby hotel beforehand. Spend the night at the hotel and wait for yourself to get sober before you can drive on the road.

Remember, the penalties for drunk driving in the state of New Jersey are quite heavy, even if it’s your first offense. You will need to contact a DUI lawyer in New Jersey if you get involved in any drunk driving violation in this state. 

4. Ask Your Friends to Come with You to the Party

You can ask your friends to come with you to the party if you think you will get drunk later. Remember, it’s important to ask the friends that own the driver’s license, so you can let them drive later. It’s also important that your friends must stay sober during the party.

This is the best way for you to avoid drunk driving, even more so if you come to a party where you know little about the people there. Your friends can help remind you to keep yourself sober and not to drink too much.

5. Drink alongside Eating Foods

To avoid getting drunk, you will need to drink alongside eating some foods. Snacking and drinking can help keep yourself sober, at least if you don’t drink too much.

Also, drinking on an empty stomach will get you drunk much faster than when you drink alongside eating foods. You can avoid driving while drunk if you can drink alongside eating food. Be sure to stop drinking a few hours before you drive home.

Always drink in moderation when you are planning on driving a vehicle later, as you don’t want to get pulled over because of your reckless driving behaviors on the road.

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These tips can help you avoid driving while drunk, which is important for you to follow if you live in New Jersey.

The state of New Jersey will take drunk driving as a serious traffic violation, and you will need to handle your case with a competent DUI lawyer if you want to lower your penalties.

Even the penalties for the first drunk driving offense can be bad enough for anyone to go through. So, be sure to avoid drunk driving at all times.

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