SEO is surely the most trending topic in the digital world right now. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been infected with the SEO, be it marketers, sales people, engineers, entrepreneurs, or even small/big institutions, almost everyone is diving in the vast sea of digital marketing, hoping for a secret formula that could turn their business/website into gold by landing it on first page of Google.

Nobody want to be on latter pages of search engine. And, it stands so true, as Someone said, “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google.

Everyone is hustling hard to make to the top page results. But how many of them are able to turn sand into gold?

Those who have a safe and successful landing, are the ones who gain extensive experience in this field, learn the game and who are always ready to take action for it.

But have you ever thought, what’s optimizing those people who are optimizing the page results?

That’s where ‘Self- engine optimization’ comes into scene.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you optimized yourself or in other terms  did ‘Self-engine optimization’ to rank on the life’s first page?

I am sorry!  Am I sounding alien to you?

what is this new  type of SEO, you all must be thinking this.

Wait, let me unwrap this for you.  As digital marketing SEO helps you to rank on Google or other search engines. Likewise, ‘Self-engine optimization’ is a technique that you make use of to be a better version of yourself and to stay ahead always in the game of life.

If you see it closely you will realize that you can always stay ahead in the game of life by using the very same techniques you use for SEO.

Who doesn’t strive to give the best shot? We are living in the most competitive era ever, where new talents and geniuses  are evolving every day and everyone wants to be stay on top of the range. No one wants to be on the second place, because it represents mediocrity.

And, if you still feel that you are happy and satisfied to be where you are, then don’t blame anyone if you get lost as an ‘untold story in this exotic book of life’.

Its’ time you should make the best use of “SELF ENGINE OPTIMISATION” to be the best version of yourself.

self engine optimization



self engine optimization

Server hosting is one of the prime factor when it comes to SEO, same way when it comes’ to self-engine optimization our values and ethics play a very important role.

When we choose the best server to host our website to optimize it’s performance and other factors, same way we should host ourselves on a strong foundation of values and ethics when it comes to ‘self-engine optimization’.

Our values and ethics plays a very important part in our life. If we have good values and high morals backing up then we automatically turn out to be a better version of ourselves.  Everyone who made it to the top, stresses on the importance of having Strong pillars of good values beneath. They serve as the foundation for us.

Host yourself on the server of high values and great ethics to boost your performance as an individual. If your foundation is strong, no storm can affect you. Work each and every day to be a better person than you were yesterday. It’s the very first step on this pursuit of “Self-engine optimization”


This is the best mantra preached by almost every digital marketer, “Content is the king” . If you are not aiming to provide a great and useful content to people, then no matter what you do nothing can rank you on the search engines.

Same way, when it comes to “self-engine optimization” what you are giving to the world holds an important value. How you are making things easier for people, what unique ways you are exploring to solve their problem and what you have with you to give to the world. These things play as content in life.

If you want to add value to yourself, add value to other people and the world around you. That’s what most of the successful people do and that’s how it works. Deliver your best content to the world, give them the strong reason to choose you. Don’t stay mediocre, carve your own way to be unmatchable.


self engine optimization

An intelligent keyword research determines your chances of ranking.  Trust me, It’s more of a intelligence and analytic game than a “EGO & I Can” game.

If you are a beginner in this game, and you choose a keyword that has high competition and High C.P.C, and almost hundreds of people competing against each other to stay ahead, what are your chances to rank for it? Very rare.

So what is the wise thing for beginners to do while choosing the best keyword:

  1. Do a proper research.
  2. Use analytic mind.
  3. Go for low competition keyword and for long tail ones.

Same way, if you want to move ahead in the game of life, focus on smart work more than just “hard-work”. Almost 90% people do hard-work, but the one who mix hard-work and smart work are the ones who triumph the game.

Enthusiasm is great quality, but only when it is showed in right direction and with the right attitude. Don’t attach your self to this myths of success, that sheer hard work is enough to turn your nights into days.

Work on your analytical side of brain to explore every door, and at last choose the one which has the more chances to bring the desired results for you. Don’t keep knocking the wrong door just because you think “You can“.


self engine optimization

So, what backlinks means in SEO?  It’s the number of websites linking back to you. More the high quality links you will gain, higher will be your chances to move gradually on ranking. But, does gaining any links will do wonders for you? NO!.

It’s the links you gain from the high authority websites that plays a crucial role. And, as we know “1 link from authority website is far better than 100 low quality websites”. So you are advised to get your website linked with High quality domains.

Same ways, one of the major factor that determines your ranking in life is the ‘people you associate yourself with’. Associate yourself with the ones who motivates you, inspires your and give you a push to rise higher.

Your environment decides the quality of your life. You become the person you roam around with. Always be very careful when choosing your company. Stop wasting time with the people who are affecting your performance.

Link yourself with the people who have something to teach you and can uplift you, and that’s the only way you can climb up the ladder of both wisdom and success. Negate every possible bad bad-link from your life that is cutting down your performance from the root.

Always be ready to link yourself with people who have something to teach you and always ready to elevate you. That’s the secret of almost every successful person.


self engine optimization

What’s the worst misconception of almost every “wanna- be” SEO’s? They underestimate search engines and think they can fool them. But, then search engines come with a ‘surprise’ update and shake their game plan by instantly bringing their ranking to the ground.

It’s always advised that apart from wasting time in thinking how to fool search engines, better utilize that time to learn it’s working and then act accordingly.

So, what’s the best thing to do that time? To be patient and to audit everything and instead of going crazy, seek ways to get over it and to handle it wisely.

And, that’s a hard truth of life too; “It’s uncertain” . It is entangled with various twists and turns and whosoever ever try to control it, simply lost control over everything. Don’t try to fool it, instead work on yourself to keep you intact and strong when life hits you hard.

Don’t  just drift around thinking you have ways to deal with it, because when you do that, life slaps you harder on the face. Accept it’s uncertainty and work on yourself to stay strong that no update can take away your self-confidence and self-determination.

And, instead of resisting failures learn to tackle them. Don’t let any fear knock you down.  Have the courage to rise again, again and again. You always have the choice to start again. Those who take the challenge rise higher, and others go on wishing an easier and stable life.


self engine optimization

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

If you go to a digital marketer and ask him to rank your page on first page of Google and in exchange you offer any amount of money. What do you think he will do? Obviously he will show you the door. Those who understand the SEO, also knows that it takes time and constant efforts to get rank on Google. It’s not an instant noodle.

Likewise, if you are striving to be on the life’s first page, you have to understand that every good thing takes time to happen. Grow more patient and calm, and keep moving gradually in the required direction. Life awards the one who never leave the “rope of hope”. No matter what happens, strive to keep your motivation hormones high. Don’t let anything put you down.

There is no shortcut to reach out for the top, those who climbed the ladder did it with their hard work, patience and persistence.  Life has its own course, sooner you understand this, sooner you will increase your chances to stay ahead in the game.

In the end:

These are the few factors that determine your ranking in the life and if you desire to move and stay ahead, you need to master these factors to be unstoppable.

And once you do that, trust me nobody can stop you to be on the first page. After all we are not here to live in mediocrity, we are here to rise high and to move ahead in ranking.

If you have goals and resolute enough to achieve them, then you have no reasons to be on second page of life.

We should make the best use of every opportunity that can chauffeur us towards the Excellency, and that’s the only way we can reach our true calling.

self engine optimization


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