What is GoFameUs?

GoFameUs = Let’s Go(achieve) Fame(heights) Us(together)

GoFameUs is a one-stop destination where you will find the articles and tips n’ tricks related to:

  • Motivation
  • Productivity
  • Success
  • Relationships

We are working towards unwinding the complex wisdom and serve it to you not just in easy to understand way, but also in creative and gripping way.

No matter what’s bothering you:-

  • Lack of goals.
  • Ghost of your girlfriend-boyfriend past.
  • Over the top complex self-help wisdom.
  • A lazy routine.
  • Current relationships.
  • An annoying habit.
  • Or even Load of Stress.

We have everything to gratify your momentary n’ persistent needs.

Let’s create something big together. Join us in this expedition and see it soaring the heights.

Who runs GoFameUs?

Harsh yadav

I’m Harsh Yadav, the face behind GoFameUs. I am a Computer engineer by degree and i find my love in many things but particularly in Motivational books, inspirational stories and also in my German Shepard dog “Shadow”.
My love for books started with the first book I came across in college days, i.e “how to get from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield. Though the reason why I started reading was a little stupid. Yes! The breakup dilemma(will talk about it in some post for sure).
And to my utmost surprise, most of the people I know have reached where they wanted to be(well, that’s what they say), and I am still searching my way through “what they call,Life”.

My never-ending “self-help” love affair, which filled me with so much of positivity and self-belief hasn’t yet stopped. And that’s how I discovered with my interest for Blogging.

Thats my rather long winded story what’s yours?

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