Titanic effect of a Nano dream *Never underestimate anyone*


Read my experience before you underestimate anyone next time :-

“Never underestimate the significance of the little things done out of a large heart of love.”

Elizabeth George

” Can I help with this new article of yours? I have few Ideas in my mind.” my friend asked, as he saw me pondering over my new blog post’s topic.

“Oh please! blogging is not your cup of tea. I think I can handle it on my own ” I said, giving a strange look at him.

“huh! Now he will teach blogging to a person who has  700+  shares  on his blog posts ” I murmured proudly in my head.

” I was just helping you out, it’s okay if you don’t want it ” he said with dejection on his face.

“Damn! I might have got a little rude to him” I thought.

” Hey, I know I was mean to you. I just have a bit of work pressure and lots of stuff to deal with” I said, trying to cover up my rudeness.

” That’s okay! But, why did you say that it’s not my cup of tea? What made you think I can’t come up with interesting topics for your blog ? It’s not good to underestimate anyone my friend. You should be open to all suggestions and ideas ” He said calmly.

” Yes, right right ” I nodded, not paying attention to whatever he said.

Anyway, I have to rush now. I need to meet someone tomorrow so better I sleep on time” I said, while packing up my laptop and diary.

And I rushed back home.


” Will do my breakfast on the way, I’m getting late ” I told my wife as I sprinted to the parking.

” What the hell? ” I slapped myself 10 times as I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

I am very much aware of the fact that our technology is growing with the speed of light and in no time we will see flying cars roaming around. But wait, ” Talking cars? ” , that’s something too alien to gulp down. All the cars in the parking lot are actually talking. Wait! talking? Yes, I mean talking. Like we humans do.

But, after meeting Mr. law and Action Jackson I am open to all the shocks and surprises my life throws at me. So I tried to gulp down ‘talking cars’ too. But this time, instead of vomiting out my curiosity and questions, I preferred to just witness the scene. After all, not every day you see ” Cars that talk ” .


Talking cars cartoon :- Never underestimate

” Good morning, Mr. Endeavour! You look fresh today. Seems like new make-over has worked great for you ” Mr. Scorpio said, hiding his old skin (Read dents and scratches).

” Yes, it has for him. But you still seem like living on maintenance. I think you need a full Botox treatment, Mr. Scorpio” Mr. Altis said sarcastically, taking a dig at him.

“Wait! That’s my Altis. How can he be so rude to anyone. He has no right to comment on anyone’s look.” I thought in my head.

” Not just Botox, I think I need full checkup. It’s been 6 months that I have asked my owner to take me for service. My throat is choked, my eyesight is getting weaker day by day, but he just ignores everything. He seems very busy with his new Miss BMW. But I’m  happy at least he is not selling me. He doesn’t show it often but I know he loves me, after all I was his first buy and a best seller of my class back then ” Mr. Scorpio said, calming down his engine’s heat.

” oh! yes, Miss BMW , what a killer look she has” All three took a deep sigh.

“Such big white beautiful eyes she has, and the way she moves with so much of ease. Have never seen such a curvy figure, and nothing sounds better than her sugar-coated throttle ” My Altis said.

Such a pervert car I have. ” I thought in my head.

” Oh! Yes, she is. I’m going to drive her crazy one day ” exclaimed Master Nano, joining the lusty conversation.
Think twice before you underestimate anyone

” Excuse me! Go again. Who the hell do you think you are ? Have you ever seen yourself in auto car magazine or even in overdrive? ” Mr. Fortuner asked in surprise.

“Those who incessantly underestimate people will one day experience an incident that would make them want to plead everyone they had offended in the world.” ― MichaelBassey Johnson 

“Yes, I have. I look so colorful and cute ” Nano said, calmly chewing his engine oiled chewing gum.

” Looks doesn’t matter. What matters is ethics and whole world knows that I am carry forwarding Ratan tata’s value and legacy inside me. ” Nano said further, confidently.

” Still, you are a damn funny looking car. We are so much better looking than you. We are also carrying forward our company’s legacy but in more beautiful and refined way” My stupid Altis said.

“Yes, we all can beat you on open roads. You can’t ever match our speed when we run. We make our owners proud and the centre of attraction. In fact ,when I go on roads people crave for me”  Mr. Fortuner claimed with arrogance.

” Just do one thing, talk to my bonnet! I know I can do many things you all can’t do. Only the time will tell. ” Nano said, ignoring all the talks.

” Hey hey! Just compose yourself  and give roar to your engines. Seems like Miss BMW is on the move ” My lusty loose character Altis again opened his mouth.

“Yeah, today I’m going to catch her and match up with her throttle. I’m going to release all my horse power today ” Mr. Fortuner said, accelerating his heart of engine.

” Lucky, you! I have turned old now. I was also an Eye catcher in my time. You young lads enjoy your ride. My eyes have turned pale now, can’t look far enough. So, I will rest here only. Moreover, I have some serious fart problem in my exhaust. So….” Mr. Scorpio said, while counting every single Issues of his life.

And there she goes… 1. 2. 3 …..

“She is really hot. Black suits her. They all are so right… ” I thought in my mind, while craving for her like others.

”  You bet! I will get her faster than you all ” Nano claimed.

” Just in your dreams, Mr. Joke on wheels ” all laughed at him.

” Yes, Let’s see how you are going to make a way out of this stuffed parking.  Look around, you are surrounded with so many other vehicles. Your size is as much big as your ego. See you around, Boys ” Nano said in hurry, as he drove so fast and with ease between the little spaces he got.

And my lusty Altis and ultra shrewd Mr. Fortuner are still juggling around to find the space and watching BMW go out of their sight. Nano was right. Their ego is as much big as their size. And I am rolling on floor laughing at them.

“Harsh, harsh, wake up. You are getting late for your meeting ”  My wife shouted, while shaking me as I was  deep asleep.

“What? ” I woke up in shock.

I looked around while wiping my eyes, and to my shock I was in my bedroom and not in any parking lot. There were no talking cars around, just a shouting wife.

” huff! that was a dream, thank god. It’s so weird to have a lusty car in real ” I thought as I sighed in relief.



“Hey, It’s me. I think I am gonna need your help. Do let me know if you come up with some interesting topic for my blog and sorry for being rude to you yesterday. I shouldn’t behaved that way. ” I said.

” Sure, I will be glad. In fact, I have come up with some interesting topics. Call me once you get free. We’ll discuss and yes, have a great day ” My friend said.

It will indeed be a great day as talking cars have taught me one big lesson in life. We shouldn’t underestimate anyone in our life. Everyone around us has something special about them. Never let your ego spoil the human inside you. Always be ready to learn and listen.

Now you must be thinking how come Miss BMW got her way out of that full and stuffed parking ?

Aray! Its India. Ladki hone ka benefit to hamesha milta hi aaya hai.


Harsh yadav

I’m Harsh Yadav, the face behind GoFameUs.I find my love in many things but particularly in Motivational books and inspirational stories and also in my German Shepard dog “shadow”. Want to know more about me? Visit About me page.

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  1. Sam says

    Fab words. Fantastic post. Love every word of it👍

    1. Harsh yadav says

      Thank you Sam . I am so glad you liked it. It’s the best feeling for every blogger when he is appreciated for his work. Keep reading.

  2. Nikhil yadav says

    Waah ji great going

  3. Nalin Kant says

    Marvelous bro..njoying ur blogs…keep up the work.

    1. Harsh yadav says

      Thanks mate, i am glad that you enjoy my writings 🙂

  4. veena kumari says

    Its superb ?

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