6 things JAVA/C++ teaches about life

1. Exception handling :-

An Exception can be anything which interrupts the normal flow of the program. When an exception occurs program processing gets terminated and doesn’t continue further, Exception Handling is the mechanism to handle PROGRAM malfunctions. We need to handle such exceptions to prevent abrupt termination of program.


Imagine what your world would have been without those big swanky I-phone you boastfully display, if Steve jobs had quit after his first failure.While gazing at the light scattered around your room, Imagine how life would have been if Edison had quit after his first failure. While looking through the 2*2 window of your flight, when travelling to your dream destination, Imagine what life would have  been if Wright brothers had quit after their failures. So,it’s certain, that road to triumph has never  been plain-sailing. There’s rarely any story of people who met Victory in just one shot. Even in deck of cards, No matter how incredible card player you are, Probability of picking out the Ace of spades in one go is 1/52. If you call it “LIFE”, uncertainty and unpredictability is indispensable part of it. So as failure. Your quality of life and success depends on your response to the failures. All you need is to conquer all your failures and keep your head high. So always remember to handle all your “exceptions” wisely and strongly when your life is in “Run-time” mode. Never let your program crash.


2. Data-Type:

 A data type, in programming, is a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has, A  string, for example, is a data type that is used to classify text and an integer is a data type used to  classify whole numbers.


Just bring one cricketer and a musician at a single place. Now ask the cricketer to play a straight drive and ask musician to play guitar, what will happen? Obviously they will do that with ease. Now,ask musician to play a shot and cricketer to play that guitar, what will happen now?
A HELL OF A MESS, isn’t it?
So, what does that mean, aren’t they talented people? Surely they are. But they are meant to do a certain task which they are fit for. We all are born disparate and have distinctive flairs. Instead of tempting for other’s sweet-dish, better we look at ours and work upon our skills to boast our self-worth. That’s why we are unique, i.e “uni-queue”. Just be in your own queue by following your own path. Appreciate who you are and be grateful for it.


3.  Packages :-

A package is a namespace that organizes a set of related classes and interfaces. Conceptually you can  think of packages as being similar to different folders on your computer.


Living in a nation, where cricket is placed above all the religions, what can elucidate the team work better than example of cricket. Consider a match with just one fielder on the field, trying his best to stop the boundaries. No matter how great he would be, will he be able to cover all the field. Absolutely NO. Just like that, in game of life, A good team will always add stars to your life. If you have a great team of minds working with you to achieve a goal, chances of attaining it will be much higher. Always try to choose a good team. If you try to put a dog, a cat and a mice in the same box, for sure they will create a havoc. Game of success will turn into game of survival. So,choose wisely whom you work with before putting them in a package.


4. Loops :-

A loop is a way of repeating lines of code more than once. The block of code contained within the loop will be executed again and again until the condition required by the loop is met.

While reading the autobiography of Steve jobs, i came across an incident, Where Wozniak was busy in designing a circuit board for apple 1, Steve jobs asked him to design it in neat and clean way, to which Wozniak replied, “How does it matters,as it will do the task perfectly, which its meant to perform”. But that’s not how jobs work. And that’s why Apple have the most alluring products in market today that stands out among all other products. Don’t do the task just for the sake of completion, Do it with magnificence. Finish it with perfection, don’t quit in half-way, Just go “For”the completion in the best way possible “while” doing all the task you put your feet into until you fetch all the required statements, never come out of your loop.


5. Conditions :-

Conditional statements allow a program to execute a certain piece of code based on a decision.

Living in the era, where each day a new startup is being born, where every other guy is dreaming to be new Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg. What’s the common trait of all triumphant entrepreneurs, of all the successful heads. That’s the trait of “Risk-taking and Decision-making”. All the people who made it big, are the results of the risks they took and the decisions they made, but that doesn’t mean to shooting into the dark. Before taking every decision, they consider all the aspects and outcomes. You just cant risk the only 100 rs in your pocket on a lottery hoping to hit the jackpot. There’s a thin line between Taking risk and being foolish. Be wise to differentiate.


6. Variable :

A variable is a container that holds values that are used in a Java program.

“Reputation is what men and women thinks of us, character is what god and angels thinks of us”.

okay answer me, what’s the value of X?

okay, one more,what’s the value of X+Y+Z ?
still cant figure out?

okay last, tell me IF X=2,y=3,z=4,now what’s X+Y+Z=?
9, that was easy.

Likewise, We all are X’s or Y’s, we are worthless or meaningless and illogical, unless and until we attach value to our character. What kind of value we affix to ourselves, define the character we attain. Our thought and action define who we are. Do attach yourself to good values, as that’s what defines your life.


Harsh yadav

I’m Harsh Yadav, the face behind GoFameUs.I find my love in many things but particularly in Motivational books and inspirational stories and also in my German Shepard dog “shadow”. Want to know more about me? Visit About me page.

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