Why blogging?

I wonder how fascinating it should be to share the stories of your exhilarating travel experiences,to be able to demonstrate/display your skills,to be able to voice out things you believe in,to showcase the cooking skills in the most luscious way.Its’s not just “Internet of things” now.Widespread knowledge scattered all over the Internet have added life to it with just one click. Yes, Blogging can be so much fun.

It all began with this thought,but wait,just having a thought is enough to be accepted in Blogger’s community?

Then what should i write about?

Hey,how about traveling?

Nah! I haven’t had any interesting travel expeditions to talk about,though my dreams have taken me all around the globe,but not everyone understands the gravity of dreams.So let not get into that genre for now(If you really like travel Blogs,do visit Shivya Nath.)

Then how about technology?

Yeah,i understand.having a B.tech degree in computers creates the illusion of me being a tech-zombie.But,that not even close to the reality. That’s just a third “degree” to me.

Then what?

There has to be something,which i have to share,some experiences to to talk about,which i can write about,there should be something,which inspire me….

Wait,what did I just say,Inspire? Exactly.

I have found it.Why we all do what we are actually doing,what’s behind every dream,what’s the root of every inventions and the genius minds who have ever lived on this planet.An Inspiration. Inspiration to achieve something,to be something.Some of us finds it in travel,some in cooking,some in their parents and many more.So,how about gathering the inspiration from all around and to stuff it in one place.

www.GoFameUs.com is the brainchild of that thought.Its an initiative to find inspiration in little things in life and even in people around us.You will come across many stories.

Let’s embark on this journey together.Who knows,you will also end up being inspiration to someone.

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